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    Academic Programs - Spring 2024
Faculty of Arts BS Mass Communication BS Economics BS English (Applied Linguistics) BS Psychology ** BS Sociology Associate Degree in Mass Communication Associate Degree in Psychology Diploma in Applied Psychology Diploma in Television Production Diploma in English Language Teaching (ELT) Diploma in Linguistics Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology MSCS * BS Computer Science BS Information Technology BS Software Engineering Associate Degree in Computer Science Associate Degree in Computer Networking Associate Degree in Database Management system Associate Degree in Web Design and Development Diploma in Computer Science Diploma in Information Technology Faculty of Education B.Ed. (Hons.) Elementary B.Ed. (Hons.) Early Childhood Care and Education B.Ed. Elementary 2.5-Year B.Ed. Secondary 1.5-Year Associate Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education Associate Degree in Education Associate Degree (in service) Education 1 Year Diploma in Education Faculty of Management BS Business Administration Bachelor in Business & Information Technology (BBIT) BS Commerce BS Public Administration Associate Degree in Commerce Associate Degree in Business Administration Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance Associate Degree in Islamic Banking Associate Degree in Human Resource Management Associate Degree in Operations Management Associate Degree in Sales and Marketing Associate Degree in Supply Chain Management Diploma in Accounting Diploma in Accounting & Finance Diploma in Business Administration Diploma in Banking & Finance Diploma in Finance Diploma in Public Administration Diploma in Marketing Management Diploma in Entrepreneurship & SME Management Diploma in Human Resource Management Specialization Certificate (areas; Banking, Finance, HRM, Management, and Marketing) Faculty of Science & Technology BS (Bioinformatics)* BS (Biotechnology)* BS (Zoology)* BS (Mathematics) Diploma in Molecular Biology* Diploma in Bioinformatics*