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VU Handouts
Sr. Course Name Course Code Action
1 General Methods of Teaching EDU301 Download
2 Curriculum Development EDU402 Download
3 Critical Thinking and reflective Practice EDU 406 Download
4 ICT in Education EDU430 Download
5 Philosophy of Education EDU 601 Download
6 Educational Leadership and Management EDU 602 Download
7 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education EDU 401 Download
8 Test Development & Evaluation EDU 431 Download
9 Leadership & Team Management - MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623) MGMT 623 Download
10 Research Methods STA 630 Download
11 Knowledge Management MGMT 623 Download
12 Introduction to Computing Cs101 Download
13 English Comprehension ENG101 Download
14 General Mathematics MTH100 Download
15 Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Download
16 Ethics (for Non-Muslims) ETH202 Download
17 Islamic Studies ISL202 Download
18 Business and Technical English Writing ENG201 Download
19 Introduction to Public Administration MGT111 Download
20 Introduction to Psycology PSY101 Download
21 Pakistan Studies PAK301 Download
22 Micro Economics ECO402 Download
23 Development Economics ECO501 Download
24 Foundation of Education EDU101 Download
25 Business Communication ENG301 Download
26 Principles of Management MGT503 Download
27 Macroeconomics ECO403 Download
28 Introduction to Literature: Short Story and Poetry ENG401 Download
29 Statistics and Probability STA301 Download
30 Money & Banking MGT411 Download
31 Entrepreneurship MGT602 Download
32 Business Econometrics ECO601 Download
33 Introduction to Business MGT211 Download
34 Managerial Economics ECO404 Download
35 Human Resource Development HRM627 Download
36 History of English Language ENG501 Download
37 Introduction to Linguistics ENG502 Download
38 World Englishes ENG506 Download
39 Educational Psychology PSY406 Download
40 Teaching of Literacy Skills EDU410 Download
41 Second Language Acquisition ENG504 Download
42 Organizational Behaviour MGT502 Download
43 Language Learning ENG505 Download
44 Human Resource Management MGT501 Download
45 Cultural Anthropology SOC401 Download
46 Teaching of Reading and Writing Skills ENG515 Download
47 Teaching Business Communication ENG516 Download
48 Journalistic Writing MCM310 Download
49 Psycholinguistics ENG511 Download
50 Sociolinguistics ENG510 Download
51 Bilingualism ENG512 Download
52 Language Teaching Methods ENG513 Download
53 Curriculum Design ENG519 Download
54 Testing and Assessment ENG520 Download
55 Language Classroom Management ENG521 Download
56 Computer Assisted Language Learning ENG517 Download
57 Introduction to English Language Teaching ENG503 Download
58 Teaching of English EDU516 Download
59 Phonetics and Phonology ENG507 Download
60 Semantics and Pragmatics ENG508 Download
61 Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills ENG514 Download
62 Research Methodology in ELT ENG518 Download
63 Discourse Analysis ENG523 Download
64 Classroom Management EDU305 Download
65 School, Community and Teacher EDU501 Download
66 Art, Crafts and Calligraphy EDU403 Download
67 Applied Linguistics ENG522 Download
68 Calculus And Analytical Geometry MTH101 Download
69 Physics PHY101 Download
70 Circuit Theory PHY301 Download
71 Introduction to Programming CS201 Download
72 Digital Logic Design CS302 Download
73 Economics ECO401 Download
74 Introduction to Business MGT211 Download
75 Calculus II MTH301 Download
76 Object Oriented Programming CS304 Download
77 Database Management System CS403 Download
78 Principles of Marketing MGT301 Download
79 Discrete Mathematics MTH202 Download
80 Principles of Management MGT503 Download
81 Software Engineering-I CS504 Download
82 Computer Networks CS610 Download
83 Human Resource Management MGT501 Download
84 Enterpreneurship MGT602 Download
85 Information Security CS205 Download
86 Theory of Automata CS402 Download
87 Fundamentals of Algorithms CS502 Download
88 Communication Skills MCM301 Download
89 Differential Equations MTH401 Download
90 Statistics and Probablity STA301 Download
91 Operating System CS604 Download
92 Compiler Construction CS606 Download
93 Linear Algebra MTH501 Download
94 Fundamentals of Front End Development CS202 Download
95 Routing and Switching CS407 Download
96 Visual Programming CS411 Download
97 Cloud Computing CS435 Download
98 Modern Programming Languages CS508 Download
99 Computer Graphics CS602 Download
100 Software Architecture and Design CS603 Download
101 Software Engineering II CS605 Download
102 Web Design and development CS506 Download
103 System Programming CS609 Download
104 Software Quality Engineering CS611 Download
105 Organizational Behaviour MGT502 Download
106 Business Ethics MGT610 Download
107 Artificial Intelligence CS607 Download
108 Data Warehousing CS614 Download
109 General Science GSC101 Download
110 Basic Algebra and Trignometry MTH102 Download
111 Business Communication ENG301 Download
112 Introduction to Business MGT211 Download
113 Data Structures CS301 Download
114 Economics ECO401 Download
115 Multivariable Calculus MTH201 Download
116 Linear Algebra MTH501 Download
117 Group Theory MTH633 Download
118 Business Mathematics and Statistics MTH302 Download
119 Numeric Analysis MTH603 Download
120 Real Analysis I MTH621 Download
121 Cyber Security CS204 Download
122 Topology MTH634 Download
123 Theory of Automata CS402 Download
124 Human Development and Learning EDU302 Download
125 Test Development and Evaluation EDU431 Download
126 Learning Theories EDU201 Download
127 Human Computer Interaction CS408 Download
128 Comparative Education EDU604 Download
129 Knowledge Management MGTE630 Download
130 Social Psychology PSY403 Download
131 Environmental Psychology PSY511 Download
132 Professionalism in Teaching EDU433 Download
133 Information System CS507 Download
134 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling EDU304 Download
135 Addressing Problem of learning through technology EDU654 Download
136 Total Quality Management MGT510 Download
137 Congitive Psychology PSY504 Download
138 Urdu URD101 Download
139 Child Development EDU303 Download
140 Pakistan Studies PAK302 Download
141 Teaching of Urdu EDU411 Download
142 Teaching of Mathematics EDU510 Download
143 Teaching of Islamic Studies EDU512 Download
144 Introduction to Mass Communication MCM101 Download
145 Fundamentals of Public Relations MCM401 Download
146 Media Management MCM601 Download
147 Mass Media in Pakistan MCM304 Download
148 Development Communication MCM431 Download
149 Theories of Communication MCM511 Download
150 International Communication MCM604 Download
151 Mass Communication Law & Ethics MCM610 Download
152 Contemporary Mass Media MCM520 Download
153 E-Commerce IT430 Download
154 International Relations PSC201 Download
155 Public International Law PSC401 Download
156 Gender Studies SOC403 Download
157 History & Systems of Psychology PSY502 Download
158 Abnormal Psychology PSY404 Download
159 Introduction to Social Work SOC301 Download
160 Personality Psychology PSY405 Download
161 Gender issues in Psychology PSY512 Download
162 Neurological Bases or Behavior PSY610 Download
163 Developmental Psychology PSY505 Download
164 Cross Cultural Psychology PSY515 Download
165 Statistical Packages and its Application STA641 Download
166 Clinical Psychology PSY401 Download
167 Environmental Psychology PSY511 Download
168 Organizational Psychology PSY510 Download
169 Forensic Psychology PSY513 Download
170 Consumer Psychology PSY514 Download
171 Sport Psychology PSY407 Download
172 Health Psychology PSY408 Download
173 Positive Psychology PSY409 Download
174 Theory & Practice of Counselling PSY632 Download
175 Educational Psychology PSY406 Download
176 Classroom Management EDU405 Download
177 Education Development in Pakistan EDU505 Download
178 Financial Accounting MGT101 Download
179 Financial Accounting II MGT401 Download
180 Business Finance ACC501 Download
181 Financial Management MGT201 Download
182 Business & Labor Law MGT611 Download
183 Strategic Management MGT603 Download
184 Cost & Management Accounting MGT402 Download
185 Total Quality Management MGT510 Download
186 Production/Operations Management MGT613 Download
187 Marketing Management MKT501 Download
188 Banking Laws & Practices BNK601 Download
189 Financial Statement Analysis FIN621 Download
190 Corporate Finance FIN622 Download
191 Taxation Management FIN623 Download
192 Credit & Risk Management FIN625 Download
193 Conflict Management HRM624 Download
194 Human Relations (alt.code=HRM611) MGMT611 Download
195 Change Management MGMT625 Download
196 Management of Financial Institutions (alt.code=BNK604) MGT604 Download
197 Customer Realtionship Management MKT610 Download
198 Advertising & Promotion MKT621 Download
199 Brand Management MKT624 Download
200 International Marketing MKT630 Download
201 Knowledge Management MGMT630 Download
202 Human Resource Development HRM627 Download
203 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management FIN630 Download
204 International Business MGT520 Download
205 Final Project Marketing MKT620 Download
206 SME Management MGT601 Download
207 Software Project Management CS615 Download
208 Sociological Theories SOC302 Download
209 Research Method STA630 Download
210 Sociological Perspectives SOC402 Download
211 Sociology of Education SOC602 Download
212 Sociology of Development SOC603 Download
213 Pakistan Society and Culture SOC404 Download
214 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming CS401 Download
215 Software Requirement and Specification CS510 Download
216 Operations Research MTH601 Download
217 Biochemistry-I BIO202 Download
218 Essentials of Genetics BIO301 Download
219 Molecular Biology BIO302 Download
220 Bioinformatics I BIF401 Download
221 Biochemistry-II BIO303 Download
222 Bioinformatics-II BIF501 Download
223 Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement BT406 Download
224 Genomics BIO502 Download
225 Immunology BT302 Download
226 Bioinformatics Computing I BIF601 Download
227 Biosensor BT505 Download
228 Bioinformatics Computing II BIF602 Download
229 Proteomics BIO601 Download
230 Special Topics in Bioinformatics BIF604 Download
231 Principles of Animal Life-I ZOO102 Download
232 Animal Diversity: Invertebrates ZOO201 Download
233 Biostatistics BIO401 Download
234 Biological Techniques ZOO101 Download
235 Genetic Resources & Conservation BT401 Download
236 Physical Chemistry CHE201 Download
237 Principles of Systematics ZOO103 Download
238 Animal Form & Function-I ZOO301 Download
239 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-I BT101 Download
240 Applied Entomology and Pest Management Zoo506 Download
241 Development Biology Zoo501 Download
242 Principles of Animal Ecology ZOO507 Download
243 Methods in Molecular Biology BIO203 Download
244 Wildlife ZOO504 Download
245 Introduction to Biotechnology BT301 Download
246 Zoogeography and Paleontology ZOO503 Download
247 Microbiology BT102 Download
248 Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II BT201 Download
249 Agriculture Biotechnology BT403 Download
250 Economic Zoology ZOO510 Download
251 Biosafety & Bioethics BT605 Download
252 Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation CHE301 Download
253 Biological Physics BIO503 Download
254 Nano Biotechnology BT405 Download
255 Health Biotechnology BT501 Download
256 Virology BT601 Download
257 Environmental Biotechnology BT503 Download
258 Genomics and Proteomics BT504 Download
259 Criminology SOC611 Download
260 Mathematical Economics I ECO606 Download
261 Project Management MGMT627 Download
262 Experimental Psychology PSY402 Download
263 Psychological Testing & Measurements PSY631 Download
264 Theory & Practice of Counseling PSY632 Download
265 Organization Theory & Design MGT504 Download
266 Reporting and Sub-Editing MCM311 Download
267 Community Journalism MCM531 Download
268 Introduction to Broadcasting MCM411 Download
269 Feature & Column Writing MCM514 Download
270 Mass Communication Law & Ethics MCM610 Download
271 Advertising for Print and Electronic Media MCM501 Download
272 Radio News Reporting & Production MCM515 Download
273 TV News Reporting & Production MCM516 Download
274 Online Journalism MCM517 Download
275 Magazine Journalism MCM532 Download
276 Morphology and Syntax ENG509 Download
277 Data Communication CS601 Download
278 Advance Computer Architecture CS501 Download
279 Open Source Web Application Development (PHP, PERL, CGI, Mysql) CS310 Download
280 Theory Of Computation CS701 Download
281 Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design CS702 Download
282 Software Quality Assurance CS706 Download
283 Mobile and Pervasive Computing CS710 Download
284 Distributed DBMS CS712 Download
285 Information Retrieval Techniques CS726 Download
286 Network Security CS707 Download
287 Software Design CS711 Download
288 Statics MTH304 Download
289 Elementary Topics in Pure Mathematics MTH405 Download
290 Elementary Mathematics MTH001 Download
291 Elementary Mathematics MTH001 Download
292 Elementary English ENG001 Download
293 Computer Proficiency License CS001 Download
294 Information Security CS205 Download